Taylor Swift Concert 2024: Her ‘Fever’ In Sydney, Australia

1. First Taylor Swift Concert in Sydney show will kick off on Friday night, February 23
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Thousands of Taylor Swift’s fans lined up for hours to get tickets to the Grammy Award-winning pop star’s concert. Taylor Swift concert 2024 in Sydney will take place on February 23.

Accordingly, some people lined up 5 hours earlier to buy tickets to see Taylor Swift’s concert in the harbor city of Sydney.

Meanwhile, murals of the American singer have appeared on walls across the city as “Taylor Swift fever” spread across Australia.

Star Taylor Swift performed her biggest-ever concert in Melbourne last week, singing to around 96,000 fans each night for three consecutive nights.

Her first Sydney show will kick off on Friday night, February 23, with more than 300,000 spectators over four nights.

Taylor Swift Concert exploded

On the evening of February 17, Australia’s largest MCG stadium (Melbourne) existed with Taylor and her fans.. With 96,000 fans coming to the show, Taylor had to exclaim, “It is beyond imagination!”.

When Taylor left the store, 96,000 people screamed and sang along. Taylor sang songs, including hits like “Shake it Off”, “Cruel Summer”, “Red”, “Enchanted”, “Look What You Made Me Do”, “Love Story”,…

Taylor sang continuously for 3 hours. Fans sang along with Taylor throughout the night. It feels like 96,000 people in that space and time have merged into one to create sublimation for the singer.

The most memorable moment was when Taylor, after finishing a ballad in which she played the piano and sang herself, put her head on the piano, smiling happily in disbelief in the face of passion and love of 96,000 fans

2. Her most memorable moment
One of her most memorable moments

After just 3 concerts, Taylor Swift brought in 790 million USD to Australia

Taylor Swift Concert 2024 brought in 790 million USD after 3 shows

With a total of 7 shows held in two major Australian cities, starting on February 16 and ending on February 26, Taylor Swift’s Eras tour passing through Melbourne generated an expenditure of about 790 USD. million USD after 3 music nights. This number was given by the mayor of Melbourne – Ms. Sally Capp.

3. Taylor Swift Concert 2024 brought in 790 million USD after 3 shows
Taylor Swift Concert 2024 brought in 790 million USD after 3 shows

Bloomberg Economic News (USA) analyzed: “The Eras tour through Australia will help this country witness a sudden increase in the number of airline ticket bookings and other types of travel. A supplier of accommodation service providers in Australia said that demand for reservations in Melbourne was 20% higher and in Sydney 10% higher compared to the same period last year.

Currently, the service sectors in Sydney are eagerly awaiting Swift’s next series of 4 music nights in this city. This is considered a rare major event taking place in Sydney with a lot to look forward to for the economy.

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Shirt

There will be about 320,000 fans present at Swift’s four music nights in Sydney. About 35% of these fans are fans from other cities or other countries.

Taylor Swift stays in a hotel room for $25,000

After Japan, Australia is the next destination in Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. Since February 18, the singer has served music to more than 110,000 spectators at Accor Stadium. According to Page Six, during this tour, singer Cruel Summer rested in a luxury room at the 5-star Crown Sydney Hotel (New South Wales state).

The presidential suite is located on the 88th floor with full amenities and a panoramic view of Australia’s most populous city. There, Swift can fully observe Sydney Harbor and the world-famous Sydney Opera House. The rental price for this apartment per night is 25,000 USD.

4 Taylor Swift stays in a hotel room for $25,000
Taylor Swift stays in a hotel room for $25,000

Singapore spent millions of dollars exclusively on Taylor Swift’s tour

Grasping the “Taylor Swift economic effect”, many countries have made efforts to bring the Eras tour to their countries to create a boost for the economy. Recently, Singapore became the only country in Southeast Asia to receive a nod of cooperation from Taylor Swift during her Eras tour.

Singaporean authorities have proposed exclusive cooperation with singer Taylor Swift. Singapore is said to have offered an extremely attractive “number”, they are willing to pay a “remuneration” of 2 to 3 million USD for each concert that Swift performs in the Lion Island nation.

This conversation was fruitful, Taylor Swift decided to stop in Singapore and hold 6 music nights here in early March… Currently, all 6 music nights are sold out. The series of music nights was held at Singapore National Stadium with a capacity of 55,000 spectators.

5. Many countries want to bring the Eras tour to their countries
Many countries want to bring the Eras tour to their countries


No one can deny the influence of Taylor Swift at present, when the female singer is still proving herself to be the biggest American superstar, continuing to be the topic of discussion among the audience with her trips. epic tours, broken records, and appearances at NFL games and the Golden Globes.

It can be seen that Taylor is now not only an emerging phenomenon in music or for young people but a testament to a sub-culture built by many factors from personal color. , outreach strategy, and social influence.