Barbie (2023) VS Oppenheimer: Which movie are you planning to see first on July 21?

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Barbie (2023)

As we thought Hollywood had run out of ideas, Barbie (2023) appeared. And we get to go back to our intense childhood every year. After months of silence and teasers revealing little about the film, people became curious about it when it released a series of new character posters and another teaser. So perhaps, this article will help you have a better overview of Barbie coming out this July.

Right from the first information, Warner Bros.’s Barbie summer super movie has taken the world by storm by gathering a crew of the most popular faces. Helmed by Little Women director Greta Gerwig, the film features an all-star cast including Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Emma Mackey and Simu Liu. Barbie is inspired by Barbie dolls developed by Mattel and is considered one of the most important turning points in the doll industry.

In previous Warner Bros. teaser images, Margot Robbie’s sweet beauty as Barbie doll has fans buzzing. However, when the image of actor Ryan Gosling as the Ken doll was revealed, a real fever swept across social networks with a huge amount of discussion in the delight of the audience.

Recently, the WB has officially ‘released’ Barbie’s teaser about this much-awaited summer masterpiece. In the teaser which is more than 1 minute long, the narration about the history of the dolls, as well as the shape of the entire main cast was revealed to the audience. Greta Gerwig proves her daring and impressive artistic thinking in just a few dozen short seconds when creating a colorful doll world, a bold Barbie doll but not ‘childish’.

In the teaser of Barbie, Margot Robbie has a very attractive debut with a look similar to the first Barbie doll in history (released in March 1959): blonde hair with curly bangs tied in a ponytail and a strong, hot black and white plaid bodysuit. After the appearance of ‘Barbie doll’ Margot Robbie, the girls in the teaser smashed their newborn dolls, as if proving the turning point Barbie dolls made with the toy industry earlier.

In the latter, the teaser continues to tease the extremely interesting context of Barbie with neon pink tones as the main color. The main actors Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae, Simu Liu and Emma Mackey also appear with impressive shapes, very different from their familiar image on the big screen. Margot Robbie is considered the ‘shoemaker’ face for the Barbie image when stepping on the big screen with a sweet, confident beauty, while Ryan Gosling brings a surprising Ken doll look compared to the audience’s previous impression.

For many movie lovers, Barbie is considered one of the most interesting mysteries of the big screen this year. How will Greta Gerwig — known for her poignant films about women — use her genius creativity to transform the story of the flashy, extravagant ‘American beauty’ doll? Through the teaser that has just been released, the audience has more grounds to hope for the surprise that Gerwig will bring to the big screen this summer.


Oppenheimer is a film in the genre of epic thrillers, with the central character being J. Robert Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist who headed the Los Alamos laboratory, during World War II. He played a key role in the Manhattan Project, pioneered the development of nuclear weapons, and is considered one of the ‘fathers of the atomic bomb’.

With a fascinating story revolving around the famous scientist Robert Oppenheimer whose invention turned the world around, the film has been expected since its release. Recently, the super product has released the 2nd official trailer, making the audience anxiously wait for the process of one of the most dangerous weapons humanity has ever created.

After the first trailer focused on explosions and a glimpse of the man who developed this world-ending weapon, this follow-up trailer delves deeper into Oppenheimer’s preoccupations. The start of this research was the fear of defeat in the face of an arms race with Nazi Germany, and the project was the only glimmer of hope. A secret laboratory was created, a town was built, to ‘keep it all there until completion’. 

All recruited scientists will move with their families to a ‘no-frills field’. It is unknown where or when, but a project called “the most important thing in the history of the world” helped Oppenheimer convince the best scientists. In particular, fleeting in the excerpt is the appearance of a figure with visual resemblance to the greatest physicist of all time – Albert Einstein. In addition, the character of Oppenheimer’s wife, biologist Katherine ‘Kitty’ Oppenheimer, played by female star Emily Blunt, also appears.

Oppenheimer was directed and written by Christopher Nolan. The film also stars Tenet’s former composer Ludwig Göransson, and the cinematographer who worked with Nolan on Interstellar, Dunkirk and Tenet Hoyte van Hoytema. Another returnee who worked with Nolan is also starring in this new film is screenwriter Jennifer Lame, who has also worked on films such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Manchester by the Sea, and Marriage Story.

Cillian Murphy takes on the role of J. Robert Oppenheimer, marking the actor’s sixth feature film with Nolan. Besides the male lead, the film also owns a strong star cast, with Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Florence Pugh. There will also be an appearance by Robert Downey Jr., which will be his first movie role since finishing his time as Iron Man in the MCU. There are also Rami Malek, Gary Oldman, Casey Affleck, Dane Dehaan, Alden Ehrenreich, Jack Quaid.

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Entering the summer movie season, global cinemas are getting hotter with the release of Barbie (2023) and Oppenheimer on Friday, July 21. Fans are expecting a big battle between the films for the winner of the box office weekend.